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Girl's Softball Team Members


February 14, 2022

Creative Sound is passionate about music and wellbeing and provides Music Team Building workshops and programmes to strengthen personal and team development. With many teams coming back to the work place in the past month, it is important for everyone to reconnect with one another and readjust to new surroundings. As a result, Creative Sound is excited to offer two companies the opportunity of a free (1 hour) ‘taster’ team building workshop to help your team reconnect! We will explore a variety of elements such as group singing, glockenspiel playing, games, rhythmic and movement exercises and more!

For any team that might be nervous about group singing, this element can be kept to a minimum or replaced with group glockenspiel playing!

A maximum number of 15 participants per workshop.

If you are interested in this fun opportunity please contact Ruth at

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