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Creative Sound was founded in 2021 by Ruth Gallagher, a Wexford based soprano, musician and music educator.

Ruth combines her knowledge and passion for music to provide a dynamic experience for conference organizers who want to empower and energise their delegates.  

Music is proven to be highly beneficial to our mental health and wellbeing. It stimulates all areas of our brain, can balance emotions, reduce stress, and encourages creativity and imagination!

Ruth will design and deliver an unforgettable experience that will encourage your delegates to use their voices creatively, build their confidence, have fun, and make lasting connections with fellow attendees.


Making music together is an excellent way to break down barriers, to start conversations, make new connections, tap into our creativity and open our minds to bigger and better projects.

Through music we will challenge, energise and motivate your group, and inspire creativity, imagination and growth, all while having fun!

Ruth Gallagher - Gaffney Studio
Ruth Gallagher - Gaffney Studio


Originally from Donegal, Ruth completed a BA and an MA in Music at Waterford Institute of Technology in 2011 and 2013 respectively, and has over 10 years’ experience performing and teaching music.

Ruth co-founded the soprano duo group 'LONRA' in 2018 and has performed at many concerts, weddings and events in Ireland. She teaches voice and piano at County Wexford School of Music, and is musical director of the Adult Choir and the Music Makers programme. Ruth is also musical director of the Wexford a cappella choir Stagefright.


Hear from Our Clients

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Ruth as part of a Wexford Women in business LEO event. The time we spent with Ruth was uplifting, energising & more importantly lots of fun. The sense of togetherness and team spirit as we began to synchronise & post workshop was felt by all.
I’d highly recommend Ruth if you are looking for something different for team-building, well-being, communication or employee engagement workshops.

Natasha Hughes

I had the privilege of experiencing Ruth's team-building workshop, and it was truly incredible! The energy in the room was electric as Ruth's unique approach using music brought us together. From the start, she had us laughing, connecting, and fully engaged. Through singing, percussion, and movement, she pushed us out of our comfort zones to collaborate. Ruth's inclusive space allowed us to express ourselves and network seamlessly. The positive energy and synergy were palpable. I highly recommend Ruth's workshops for an amazing and inspiring experience!

Carol Gaffney

After initial introductions and group building activities involving movement and rhythm we moved on to  co-ordination and then voice, singing exercises and some music theory on the glockenspiel. This was  fun, participants had varying levels of musical knowledge, and did not need musical knowledge. I felt  

the group bonded well, early inhibitions were lost. There were good levels of learning, exchange of  musical knowledge and sharing of ideas between all participants. The workshop is all about  experiential learning. 

This workshop is a good example of how to run an inclusive team building exercise and is suitable for  all, i.e. age, gender, and musical ability. I have no doubt that any team who participates in this course  will increase it’s cohesion and performance just alone from the feel good factor. There are many other  

benefits for a company or organisation to invest in sending their staff to this workshop. It’s a good  environment to examine and analyse individual performance and team dynamics out of the  workplace. 

Ruth gave careful attention to the participant’s needs and adapted activities for Individuals. I enjoyed  this activity and input immensely, it is good value for money. I came away feeling refreshed and  invigorated, I am interested in music and this workshop increased my musical knowledge. 

I recommend it ! 

John Scannell
The Wicklow Collection

"By far the most enjoyable, exilarating and fun workshop I have done for years. The program of events was well planned, instructions were delivered in a fun and clear way, the content was inspiring and I cannot wait to do it all over again. A great team building workshop for all companies who are looking for something that will suit everyone!"

Sinéad O'Neill

"Ruth has created a fun, interesting and active workshop that allows participants to uncover their musical talents while getting to know each other in a relaxed and friendly way. Lots to do, from Body percussion and Group singing, to learning to play the Glockenspiel from scratch! Both myself and a friend thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon workshop with Ruth and I am delighted to recommend Creative Sound as a workshop well worth experiencing."

Siobhan Keappock

"Spent a fun-filled afternoon with Creative Sound. Ruth effortlessly guided us through body percussion, movement, glockenspiel and group round singing. An amazing amount achieved in two and a half hours with a group of people who mostly hadn't met before. Brings out your inner-child in a relaxed creative atmosphere. Go, and have fun!"

Paula Murphy

Ruth did a great job in getting us all involved in singing and music making, something many of us do not do on a regular basis. Putting your attention on something new and challenging is very helpful for putting life's day-to-day worries into perspective. Thanks Ruth.

Tanja Haak

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