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Creative Sound was founded in 2021 by Ruth Gallagher, a Wexford based soprano, musician and music educator.

Originally from Donegal, Ruth completed a BA and an MA in Music at Waterford Institute of Technology in 2011 and 2013 respectively, and has over 10 years’ experience performing and teaching music.

Ruth co-founded the soprano duo group 'LONRA' in 2018 and has since performed at many concerts, weddings and events in Ireland. She currently teaches voice and piano at County Wexford School of Music in Wexford town, where she is also the director of the Adult Choir and the Music Makers programme.

With Creative Sound, Ruth is passionate and excited to share her musical skills and knowledge to provide Team Building Workshops through music to promote personal and team development and wellbeing. The aim is to energise, challenge and motivate staff, and inspire creativity, imagination, team work and growth, all while having fun!

Music is proven to be highly beneficial to our mental health and wellbeing. It stimulates all areas of our brain, helping them work together. Music encourages creativity and imagination, can balance emotions and give you energy! It also encourages communication and bonding - two important aspects which we all need to work on from time to time.


This provides the perfect antidote for any team and company. It's very easy for teams to get stuck-in-a-rut during the working week or year, and with low energy comes poor results. A Creative Sound music workshop or programme will create a fun and engaging musical experience for your team to get their energy lifted and their imaginations flowing!

Creative Sound will travel to you to provide you with an unforgettable musical experience and will create a bespoke programme to suit your company's needs. We want to bring out your team's creativity through the joy of making music!

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