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Elevate Your Christmas Party Experience

Looking for an exciting and creative experience to engage your team this quarter?

Then why not try out our 'Elevate Your Christmas Party Experience' package!

It is a busy time now with the lead up to Christmas and we often find ourselves burnt out and exhausted by the time the holidays come around.

We want to help you to destress, unwind and re-align yourself with the sound of Music!

Singing lowers your cortisol levels and relieves stress and tension which makes it the perfect antidote for those pre-holiday stressors!

Why not get your whole team involved in this exciting singing project that will elevate energy levels and create stronger connections!

We'll take you through 3 fun group rehearsals learning 2 songs in 2 part harmony that you can then perform at your Christmas Party or any event you might be hosting this December!

This will be a fun, challenging and interactive experience that will take you out of your comfort zone so that your team can develop and grow!

Book your experience now!

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